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Titletown to Welcome ‘Loop,’ an Interactive Art Exhibit

Community members and visitors are invited to stop by Titletown to take a step back in time with “Loop,” a unique interactive art exhibit, starting Wednesday, August 28th and ending October 6th.

What is “Loop?”

Loop is inspired by the zoetrope, an optical toy invented in the 19th century. With six giant cylinders measuring more than six feet in diameter, Loop combines an animated music box and a railway handcar. Visitors can climb into the cylinders and work the hand lever inside the retro-futuristic machine to create an animated fairytale.

How Does “Loop” Work?

The speed at which the images fly by, the frequency at which the light flickers and the rhythm of the audio composition are all directly related to the pace set by the people inside the cylinders.

When Can I Experience “Loop?”

Visitors to Titletown can experience Loop for a limited time, as the exhibit will be onsite through Sunday, Oct. 6. There is no cost to visit, and Loop will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Who Created “Loop?”

The exhibit was produced by Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (Montréal, Canada) and Ekumen. More information, along with images and videos, is available at opens in a new window.

What Other Activities and Events Does Titletown Offer?

Titletown, the community development west of Lambeau Field, offers year-round activities with outdoor games, fitness programming, a unique playground and football field. To see a full list of events, visit Titletown’s calendar opens in a new window. Titletown also includes TitletownTech, Bellin opens in a new window Health Titletown Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, Lodge Kohler opens in a new window and Hinterland opens in a new window Restaurant and Brewery. To learn more about what’s coming up next at Titletown, visit opens in a new window.

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